You can find everything you need in your studies & everyday life at the guildroom:

For well being:

We offer the following goods in buyer-friendly prices : pizza, chocolate, ice cream, candies, soft drinks (also battery).

For coffee you can either pay the coffee fee of 5 €, which gives you the permission to drink coffee as long as there’s coffee left. Milk included. You can also pay 0,20 € per cup alternatively.


Be the coolest fellow on the campus – come and buy the finest overall patches (seven different types). The repertoire includes the famous Tsernobyl patches, which glow in the dark!

If you don’t remember the words for the teekkari songs, don’t worry! The guild also sells copies of the songbook, Rasputin. With the help of the songbook, you can begin practicing the never dying classics wherever and whenever you want. The book costs 6 €.

We also rent shot glasses and jugs. We have 20 jugs. The rent is 10 € for the jugs. Feel free to contact the board if interested!