The main purpose of the guild is to ensure its members have the possibility to study and practice their hobbies with ease. We encourage our members in their studies by bringing the department of materials science closer to individual student and by offering different kind of excursions to companies related to the field of materials science. (It’s been said, that some of the trips were actually fun.) We offer all kind of free time activities, such as:

  • sauna evenings
  • parties (Back to school & Chilibileet, for example)
  • floorball reservation at Bommari and ball game reservation at Tamppi-areena
  • baseball tournament during autumn and night-floorball tournament during spring
  • look at the past happenings from the past happenings.

The guild also tries to organize other fun activities, especially if some wishes were to show up. It’s not unheard of, that we sometimes end up exploring the culture.

The activity of the guild is under supervision of the board that is chosen every calendar year (the board listens complaints in the questioning sauna, that is organized a couple of times per year and via feedback box.).

Also notice, the guild has facebook-page, join here.

If you want to contact the guild, you can ask the board or message straight to our internationals officier by mailing into international(at) :)