Exam archive

This is the exam archive held by the guild of materials engineering. The exams you can find here, are provided by you! When you’re attending an exam, please take the exam paper with you to the guild to ensure we have a wide range of previous exams in our archive. You can find the exams here.

The competition

We try to make our exam archive as extensive as possible, but the exams are brought to the archive by you, fellow students. In order to motivate you to returning exam papers, we’ve decided to hold a lottery every year, where the hardworking are rewarded (if lucky). Every returned exam counts as a ticket in the lottery, which means better chance in getting the lucky draw.

How to return an exam:

  1. Visit the exam
  2. Take the paper with you
  3. Check that the exam is not in the archive already
  4. Write your name behind the paper, if you want to take part in the draw
  5. Drop the exam into the exam postbox (located in the guildroom, next to fridge).
  6. Come to the pre-christmas organized by the guild before Christmas.