Guild Room

MIK’s guild room is located in the Päätalo basement, room PB006. Everyone is welcome to visit!

The guild room features a coffee maker and a tea kettle, a microwave and the option to buy various snacks. Miscellanious items such as overall patches are also sold.

There are some course books everyone can freely use at the guild room, as well as a selection of various magazines. Both studying and simply killing time are great ways to spend time at the guild room.

Available at the guild room:
Mars ice cream0,60€
Pirulo popsicle1€
Vihis (veggie pastry)1€
Billys pizza1.80€
Chocolate bar (Twix, Fazer, Tupla)0,70€
Protein bar1€
Pepsi Max 1€
Moomin limonade & Bonaqua1,50€
Protein quark (Arla, Skyr)1€
  • Rasputin song book 6€
  • MIK-sticker 0,50€
  • Overall patches (see image for prices)