The guild organizes all sorts of events: excursions, sauna events, sports and study-related events balance out the studies and allow students to network.

We organize two parties yearly, some sitsis and sauna nights and a summer happening in July. The anniversary party is held in late March / early April.

The guild normally has a weekly floorball turn for sportier members. Monthly sport trials have seen members try anything from megazone to archery and snow football. The guild organizes two bigger sport events, night-time floorball tournament and TVIK volleyball tournament. Guild teams also often participate in tournaments organized by other associations. Kyykkä is popular in wintertime.

Recruitment and career events change year by year, in previous years events have been held together with SSAB and The Finnish Plastics Association, just to name a few. “Coffee and whine about studies” -events for talking about courses with faculty teaching staff have also been regularly held.

Excursions to different university towns and companies provide insight to the job market. These trips usually last several nights, and combine fun with learning about the companies. Excursions have usually been organized once or twice a year. We have visited everything from huge steel and pulp mills to small 3D-printing companies, plastic recycling plants and tiny three-person workshops. Excursions help showcase what kinds of jobs are available, and all the things materials engineering can be.